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Radiology the leader in MGMA's 2008 survey

By UO Staff | Summer 2009 | Vital Stats


Radiology tops the list of starting salaries for physicians according to the Medical Group Management Association’s (MGMA) 2008 Physician Compensation and Production Survey. While nuclear medicine radiology tops the charts with a starting median salary of more than $478,000, diagnostic noninvasive radiology comes in at fourth on the list with a median starting salary of $360,000. Radiology holds up well for established radiologists who practice either nuclear or diagnostic radiology, with both subspecialties in the top three. Established diagnostic radiologists earn median salaries of more than $450,000 followed closely by $413,000 for their colleagues in nuclear radiology.

Median Salaries by Specialty. Starting vs. Established

Median Salaries by Specialty. Starting vs. Established

Noninvasive cardiology places second on the list of median starting salaries at $400,000, and easing up to $410,000 for established physicians. General orthopedic surgery likewise starts at a median of $400,000 for new physicians, but makes a more impressive gain for established physicians at $446,000, compared to just a $10,000 gain for cardiologists.

Family practice placed 12th on the list followed by geriatric medicine at 13th, with starting median salaries of just over $151,000 and $150,000 respectively. Both specialties gain just over $20,000 with experience; established family physicians earn approximately $174,000 compared to $171,000 for geriatric specialists.

The complete 2009 MGMA survey data will be released in July.



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