Excuse me for asking…

How many people do you know willing to tell you how much they make? Most likely, zilch.

Fall 2013 | Vital Stats


That’s why anyone with a W2 relishes national salary surveys in their profession.

In Medscape’s annual survey, we learn the average compensation reported for 25 specialties—and how the data changed from the previous year.

The region where you practice also matters when it comes to average pay.

This year, there was a change in how the type of practice setting affected compensation. This year—unlike last—employed physicians made more on average than solo practitioners. In fact, compared to last year’s numbers, physicians in employed situations were up on average by $26,000.

How does your situation compare?






















Content reprinted with permission from Medscape (medscape.com/multispecialty), 2013, available at medscape.com/features/slideshow/compensation/2013/public.



















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