Wearable High-Tech Professional Gear

New technology you can wear or use every day is gaining popularity among medical professionals.

By David Geer | November/December 2008 | Tech Notes


Scott eVest

Scott eVest

High-tech clothes may not make the doctor, but they make your workday. From coats and vests with seamless pockets for every device to wearable wireless communication badges and computer access cards, designers have fashioned these high-tech garments and accessories to put your schedule and bedside manner into high gear:

Scott eVest coats and vests

As a medical researcher, Jeffrey D. Rothstein MD, PhD, director of the Brain Science Institute Neurotranslation Program at Johns Hopkins University, travels frequently on business. To make flights and boarding fast and productive, he never leaves the ground without his vests, coats, and jackets from Scott eVest (SeV).

SeV vests and coats are constructed with numerous seamless pockets and conduits built into the linings. With these, Rothstein carries multiple gadgets—electronic pad, flash drive, PDA, smart phone, even a small laptop—on his person with the wires tucked invisibly away.

With the help of SeV clothing, Rothstein speeds through airport security with minimal security checks. “You are stopped less often for searches because everything is in your coat instead of your bag,” Rothstein says. With most of your gadgets in your coat, your carry on luggage is free for other items. It’s like having no carry-on limit.

Once on the plane, you don’t have to get up and move around to gain access to your devices in-flight. “Ever since 9/11, you don’t want to get up from your seat because people look at you [like you might be up to something],” says Rothstein.

Rothstein wears versions of the SeV Travel Vest, the Scott Jordan Signature System (Quantum and Fleece Jackets), and the Essential Jacket.

The lightweight Travel Vest has 22 hidden interior pockets. At airports, you can take the vest off quickly, send it through the X-Ray machine with all your hardware, and you’re finished.
The Signature System includes an outer Quantum jacket and separate inner fleece jacket. The disconnected two-layer system offers 50 pockets. The SeV Jacket (the Essential Jacket) comes with zip-off sleeves, Teflon treating, and is machine washable.

Scott eVest is working on a new lab coat for doctors (in development). The traditional lab coat design hasn’t changed for centuries, notes Scott Jordan, chief executive officer of Scott eVest, yet doctors carry more gadgets, documentation and medical tools than ever.

“Book companies are changing the size of medical books to suit the lab coat pockets rather than the lab coat companies changing the size of the pockets to suit the books,” says Jordan. Scott eVest hopes to change that trend in coming years.


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