Practice-Friendly Apps for Your iPhone

Sync up with these applications to save yourself time and maybe even lives.

By David Geer | Fall 2009 | Tech Notes


Practice-Friendly Apps for Your iPhone

Practice-Friendly Apps for Your iPhone

Twice as many physicians are using iPhones this year, compared to the number of physician-users from only one year ago, according to an April 14th news release by Manhattan Research, LLC—a pharmaceutical and healthcare market research firm. As we take a look at applications (“apps”) for fetal, heart, and general patient care, you may begin to see what they have to offer ‘twice as many’ of you. more »




Medical Software Goes Mobile

More physicians are implementing these hi-tech products, which save patients, slash costs and curtail time.

By David Geer | Summer 2009 | Tech Notes


Devices such as the iPhone provide the medical software you're used to—whereever you are.

A drug interaction application on the Apple iPhone

What physician wouldn’t love a product that allows access to broad range of medical reference information and comprehensive patient data? Add to that the time-saving feature of increased hospital rounding speed, as well as charge capturing accuracy, and you have a “dream product.” Several such software products are now available, and they’re quickly becoming an indispensible element of physicians’ daily practice.

Epocrates proves “Essential” at UCLA

John Luo, MD, teaches those who practice in an academic medical setting. He is the associate director of psychiatric training at UCLA. He is required to use Epocrates Essentials, a comprehensive medical information resource for mobile devices. “It is a budgeted item,” Luo says.

Epocrates Essentials enables Luo and students to check on lab work and norms for the hospital while on the move. It also enables him to arrive at virtual diagnoses and to check multiple drug interactions for patients.

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Wearable High-Tech Professional Gear

New technology you can wear or use every day is gaining popularity among medical professionals.

By David Geer | November/December 2008 | Tech Notes


Scott eVest

Scott eVest

High-tech clothes may not make the doctor, but they make your workday. From coats and vests with seamless pockets for every device to wearable wireless communication badges and computer access cards, designers have fashioned these high-tech garments and accessories to put your schedule and bedside manner into high gear:

Scott eVest coats and vests

As a medical researcher, Jeffrey D. Rothstein MD, PhD, director of the Brain Science Institute Neurotranslation Program at Johns Hopkins University, travels frequently on business. To make flights and boarding fast and productive, he never leaves the ground without his vests, coats, and jackets from Scott eVest (SeV). more »




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